Tatiana Averoff
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Silver Alert
Published by Metaichmio Publications
p.p. 360
ΙSBN: 978-618-03-2998-8

Silver Alert

Captain Periklis Galanis' second case.

The picturesque village of Paradisos, perched on the mountains of Epirus close to the city of Ioannina, is once again in the public eye, when beautiful Cassandra, the wife of a local businessman, disappears under mysterious circumstances.

Captain Periklis Galanis, an honest, energetic but also rather dogged police officer serving at the Ioannina Security Police, is trying to crack a challenging case involving a series of church robberies across the region, with priceless Byzantine treasures and silver relics gone missing.

An unexpected murder and the pressure by country doctor Maria Lazou force captain Galanis to take on all three, seemingly unrelated, cases. The consequences are unpredictable, dangerous and occasionally comical.

A novel that combines the action and suspense of a crime story with humour, while offering penetrating insights into human affairs and the idiosyncrasies of rural life in the Greek countryside.