Tatiana Averoff
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Murder in Paradise (Eglima ston Paradisso)
Published by Metaichmio
pp 270
ISBN: 978-618-03-1206-5

Murder in Paradise (Eglima ston Paradisso)

In this mountain village in Epirus, Greece, life goes on quietly, almost idyllically. Maria feels she has found the perfect place to work as a rural doctor – and get over the painful memories of her past life in Athens.

Until a murder occurs.

Superintendent Periklis Galanis arrives from Ioannina to solve the mysterious death of well-liked Mayor Kolettis. There is no apparent motive, but the suspects are many and unpredictable. The case gets even more complicated as Galanis struggles to overcome the obstacles posed by the local police and a strange local community, with its own secrets and self-deceptions.

A riveting novel of characters, fusing the suspense of a murder mystery with a penetrating gaze into the idiosyncrasies of a remote community in Greece. A glimpse of ‘reality’ in a small community withdrawn from the rest of the world in a country in crisis, with a love story simmering below the surface.

Short listed for the Athens Prize for Literature 2018