Tatiana Averoff
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Αugust (Avgoustos)
Published by Kedros
2002 (8th edn. 2003)
pp 323
ΙSBN: 9600421870

Αugust (Avgoustos)

Six days in August are all it takes for a life’s myth to collapse and reveal Elli's perfect, ordered life in all its... glory.

Disruptive news sets a chain reaction in motion which brings the heroine to an anguished monologue in which she recomposes her life, piece by piece—from her childhood in Messolongi, through the Colonels’ dictatorship, the Polytechnic uprising, first love and a model marriage to the realization that married life and motherhood are losing their sheen and turning a free spirit once so full of life into a "role".

An inner journey which strips away illusions, but transforms pain into hope through humour and irony.

Short-listed for Diavazo Magazine’s Fiction Award 2003